At first I sat quietly by as so called "Gurus" copied my every move, then they went too far...

Enough Is Enough!

I'm Sick And Tired Of Seeing My New Ideas Show Up As The "Gurus" Latest Product! Now You Benefit As I Fight Back by Giving Away Free Of Charge What They Are Trying To Sell You!

(The Digital Incest in this industry has got out of hand and now you reap the rewards as I call Bullshit on blatant rip offs!)

From: Scott "Nada-Guru" Boulch
Re: Stop The Insanity!

First . . . I am going to give you a $97 piece of software, completely FREE! Now read on to discover why I am doing this!

As you may remember, I created "The Death Of AdSense" campaign and pioneered a new Viral list building technique to grow a brand new list of over 40,000 subscribers from ZERO in just a few weeks!

It was an original and very powerful idea, something we rarely see in the Internet Marketing industry.

The so called "Gurus" were quick to copy the idea and launched a load of "The Death Of..." campaigns trying to capitalize on my original concept and marketing methods.

I Hereby Declare The Death of "The Death Of..." Campaigns.

You are supposed to be "Gurus" Start acting like one and come up with your own original ideas!

Soon after the success of my "Death Of AdSense" campaign I released the very powerful software that drove the campaign to the public called "The List Virus".

Guess what?

Now the "Gurus" are rushing to release inferior scripts that supposedly create viral campaigns.

It seems that Viral List building is now all the rage and here comes the crap, Hold On To Your Wallets!

Can You See The Pattern Here?

They are attempting to use their own viral list building "success", as evidence that they know what they are doing!

They Don't!

Some were "Successful" as they proved they could pay their huge list of hundreds of thousands to opt in to a new much smaller list?

And they called that Viral?

That's not viral, that's just stupid!

They Completely Screwed Up The Process They Were Trying To Steal!

So to discourage the blatant plagiarism going on all over the market, we decided to actually GIVE AWAY a powerful viral list building script to you Free!

Although this is one small part of our Monster Viral software "The List Virus", we decided to give this portion of the software away.

Why Would We Give Away Software With No Strings Attached?


There are actually three reasons.

1) Other "Gurus" are about to charge you $47.00, $97.00, or even as much as $197.00 for the exact same thing, and that's a rip off!

Their version of viral list building is the least powerful method, and we don't think you should pay a dime for a dressed up Tell-A-Friend technology that's been around for years!

2) We know that once you use this Free Version of Just One of the basic features in our Full Blown Product, some of you will want to upgrade to the Monster Tool, "The List Virus".

or not...

Either way, this set of powerful scripts are yours, Free with absolutely no obligation!

and finally...

3) It's been a while since I've given you something for Free to help you climb the Internet Marketing Food chain.

So What Exactly Is This Software
And How Is It Used.

It's called, and has been called for years, a Tell-A-Friend script, but this is unlike any Tell-A-Friend system you have ever seen!

Tell-A-Friend Script Features:

Offer a free gift for referring a specific number of friends. You choose the number of friends required to get the free gift. You can set the value to '0' to not offer a free gift. The gift, if configured, will be delivered to them on the ThankYou page - they do not have to wait for any email to arrive. The ThankYou page is secure from hackers. Your FREE gift will 'only' be received by those who refer the appropriate number of friends.

Template style email and HTML page that you can edit to match your site.

Don't fear getting cheated by those who do not enter the minimum number of friends to get the free gift. If the visitor doesn't fill in the required number of friends, they will get a warning telling them to tell more friends before they can get access to receive your free gift.

Track the number of people who use your form to tell their friends, and the number of total friend emails sent.

Direct your visitors to any web page you want after successfully completing the form. This can be an affiliate link to some other product .. a CPA offer link, basically to whatever you want.

The sender receives a confirmation email after they submit your form, letting them know it was successful.

The Friends receive an email with the message you want sent, and a link for them to also refer people to your site. This link is coded so your friend does not have enter their name or email in the form, the system will pre-populate their info. Very Powerful!

The system owner (that's you) gets an email everytime someone uses the form to Tell A friend. The email will state how many emails were sent with this instance, AND, also give you stats on the total number of form submissions and total number of friend emails sent since you installed the software.

Professional HTML design with 'cool' form elements and mouseover effects. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars in custom design fees!

One of the keys to the success of "The Death Of AdSense" campaign was the free giveaway.

Our powerful version of Tell-A-Friend actually requires your visitors to enter a certain number of friends before allowing them access to your free bonus or free giveaway.

No Free giveaway, No Problem!

I'm including a copy of my Recently updated Viral Marketing Report "The Autopsy" with full resale rights at no additional charge LOL! (It's all Free, get it?)

In Addition there are literally thousands of great public domain reports, e-Books, white papers, audios, mp3's, on just about any topic or any category you can think of!

There are dozens of additional features and uses for the Free scripts we are giving away, but do I really need to hire a high priced copywriter and try to sell you on the fact that its great software!

It will do everything that you need to build a huge viral list, without costing you $197.00...$97.00 or even $7 Bucks!

Put your wallet away and take my software FREE!

Hundreds of people saved thousands of dollars after reading "The Death Of AdSense" by not buying AdSense Crap from the "Gurus".

Now it's time to save you some more money, and help put some in your pocket with this powerful set of scripts.

Here is My Iron Clad Guru like Guarantee...

If your not totally satisfied with our Free Tell-A-Friend Scripts, and don't find them, as or more powerful than the ones the "Gurus" are trying to sell you, then you can have all your money back!

Seriously, I talked this over with my programmer, the same genius that's behind the creation of our List Virus product and we could have easily sold this product at the same price as the "Gurus".

Based on the size of my list and previous campaigns, we could have earned as much as $20,000 by doing so.

But that would have been wrong, and not in your best interest!

Part of Not becoming a "Guru" is Not selling anything and everything you can to your list, just because they will buy it!

I only hope you get this in time before blowing your hard earned money on an opportunistic "Guru's" product.

Just enter your contact information below to be taken to the Free download.


Scott Boulch

...Saving one Internet Marketer at a time from the "Gurus"


We are actually using the full blown List Virus product to run this Free giveaway!

If you would like to help spread the word, and the free scripts, just use the Tell-A-Friend form on the same page as your Free download.

Tell 3 friends that opt in, and get an additional $50.00 off coupon for our List Virus Product!

Enjoy the scripts!
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